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Headquartered in London, AJA Media Solutions has been a PR bridge between Brazil and the world since 2006.

A communication and marketing agency with international reach, AJA has partners and associates in ten countries. Our international team know Brazil in depth and have the ability to provide information that allow international corporations to make evidence-based decisions about their strategy in the Brazilian market.

We also understand how Brazil is perceived in the global stage, where opinions are formed, and we recognize the pros and cons of the Brazilian brand.

Our partners and associates have local knowledge to prepare tailor-made and high-impact strategies for businesses to generate sales by reaching potential and existing clients, opinion formers and journalists.

AJA also have an exclusive system that combines metrics and analytics with human brains to conduct global reputation studies, prepare business intelligence reports and create communications strategies aimed at international audiences:

  • RAI – Reputation and Awareness Index, was purposely developed by AJA to track corporate reputation and visibility and is based on a detailed and structured analysis of traditional and online media.
  • SRI – Social Media Reputation Index, based on proprietary technology, it gives a visual insight on social media, indicating how to best create and maintain a good reputation among target audiences in social networks.


Our range of services are designed to build and manage corporate reputation.

We are capable of raising your awareness about opportunities and challenges in diverse global markets, and help your organisation liaise with international players, wherever may your targets be.

Our tailor-made assessment employs both algorythms and feeling, and provide you costumized, in-depth solutions. Our reports provide you witth all it takes to guide you through the quest for opportunities and make well-informed decisions.

It is our mission to help you improve communicational performance by maintaining, managing, protecting and even restore a good reputation.

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Business Intelligence

AJA’s unique software, metrics and analytics enable our consultants to produce strategic business information, ranging from reputation risks to best opportunities for a company’s profile in any country.

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Our Business Intelligence Services combine in-house generated capacity databases and analytical skills with considerable editorial resources.

We also provide up-to-date information on the market and supply structure of relevant sector in a number of countries and regions around the world to help your expansion plans.

Free check

AJA offers a free assessment of your existing communications strategy.

Where we differ from most other agencies is in the nature of our expertise and the breadth channels through which we can work.

AJA offers a free assessment of your existing communications strategy.

We can have a face-to-face or a video call meeting to understand what your media/PR objectives are and then prepare an analysis of what has been achieved. We then present you a no-obligation tailor made PR strategy, determining what PR and business results we could accomplish for you.

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  • Determine the fundamental communication issues for your business;
  • Shape the key messages that are right for your target;
  • Establish the best media to disseminate each message;
  • Produce content to spread the message by text, video, photos;
  • Measure what your business’ image is among its target audience, the relevant media and main stakeholders;
  • Monitor your competitors;
  • Gather information about your market segment and business environment;
  • Create activities and events to make your business stand out from the crowd;
  • Liaise with journalists who are relevant to your business;
  • Set social media strategies

Who we are

We have a team of PR, social media and content marketing specialists. We also have specialist partners in Europe.

We blend technology-based PR strategy, creative ideas and a compelling story to get results. Engaging and motivating through the right mix of tools, channels and techniques.

Run by experienced journalists and PR professionals, AJA has associates in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain and partnerships in the US, China, Russia, the Middle East, South Africa and Japan.


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