Our range of services are designed to build and manage corporate reputation.

Be it in Europe, in Latin America, Brazil, the US or in China, wherever your targets are, we can help you understand opportunities and challenges, making it easier for your organisation to become an international player.

We do in-depth research using both algorithms and human brain-power and find out risks and opportunities in different countries and languages, which allow our clients to make well-informed decisions to improve performance.

At AJA we believe that ONE SIZE does NOT fit all. That is why we put into practice tailor made solutions to create, manage, maintain, protect and sometimes restore a good reputation.

New service: follow the Brazilian presidential election

Using Affinimap©, proprietary technology, we are assessing the candidates in the Brazilian presidential elections on social media.

Every week we measure each candidate’s SRI – Social Media Relevance Index to produce a ranking that evaluates their individual performances among their potential voters.

What are the key subjects and messages that are resonating (or NOT at all) with the electorate in October?

We track their impact on social media, their ability to generate buzz, links and affinity – and how all these can affect their chances with the electorate.

Affinimap© gives a visual insight into social networks that reveals key messages, themes, true influencers and the real impact each candidate is having on social media – the most powerful arena for political campaign in Brazil since changes in the law that regulates election financing.

A team of journalists, information and political scientists analyses the data to produce a detailed report on the elections.

Developed as an academic project, Affinimap© indicates the best way to create, maintain, protect – and sometimes restore – a reputation on social media.