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We are so confident of our skills and expertise that we propose a deal

AJA offers a free assessment of your existing communications strategy.

We can have a face-to-face or a video call meeting to understand what your media/PR objectives are and then prepare an analysis of what has been achieved.

We then present you a no-obligation tailor made PR strategy, determining what PR and business results we could accomplish for you.

What we can perform

  • Determine the fundamental communication issues for your business;
  • Shape the key messages that are right for your target;
  • Establish the best media to disseminate each message;
  • Measure what your business’ image is among its target audience, the relevant media and main stakeholders;
  • Monitor your competitors;
  • Gather information about your market segment and business environment;
  • Create activities and events to make your business stand out from the crowd;
  • Liaise with journalists who are relevant to your business;
  • Set social media strategies
  • Produce content to spread the message by text, video, photos;

Our offer

No coverage, no fee

We are so confident of our skills and expertise that we propose a deal.

We offer guaranteed positive coverage in target media for any organisation anywhere in the world. Let us know if you are interested in this offer via email or phone and we will get in touch to discuss about which media you are interested. And why.

After we agree on a fee for a one-off media pitch, we will develop the PR strategy that is right to achieve your goal.

You ONLY pay our fee when media coverage is secured.

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