Reputation research – RAI

A customized service that uses proprietary algorithms, allowing a corporation to track coverage of particular products or business segments in quite specific markets.

The reputation research is based on our exclusive AJA Data Report©, that combines analytics and metrics with human intelligence to produce a detailed analysis of the relevant media (traditional and online-only) for each corporation or brand and their stakeholders.

It is conducted to benchmark how a company is performing against market, consumers or investors’ expectations and against competitors.

AJA Data Report© generates reputation indicators inspired by studies from well-established world institutions, which form RAI – Reputation and Awareness Index©, used to track corporate reputation and awareness.

It indicates the best ways to create and maintain a reputation. In periods of crisis, RAI helps identify the root causes of problems and points to solutions.

RAI – Reputation and Awareness Index, was purposely developed by AJA to track reputation and awareness and is based on a detailed and structured analysis of traditional and online media.

AJA Data Report©Reputation is prepared with:

• A customised list of international publications as to reflect how opinions are shaped among a company’s stakeholders
• Coverage monitored in over 30 languages
• Focus on each client interests