Number Shortcodes

3 Different Sizes

Drunk coffees
Happy Clients

Prefix & Suffix

With Prefix
With Suffix
With Prefix & Suffix
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[numbers stop="350" icon="coffee" size="small"]Drunk coffees[/numbers]
[numbers stop="200" suffix="+" icon="twitter" size="medium"]Followers[/numbers]
[numbers stop="99" suffix="%" icon="user" size="big"]Happy Clients[/numbers]

[numbers stop="987" prefix="$" icon="heart-empty" size="medium"]With Prefix[/numbers]
[numbers stop="987" prefix="$" icon="heart-empty" size="medium"]With Suffix[/numbers]
[numbers stop="987" suffix="$" prefix="$" icon="heart-empty" size="medium"]With Prefix & Suffix[/numbers]

All Available Icons

Shortcode documentation

  • id
    The id attribute specifies an id for an HTML element.
    It must be unique within the HTML document.
    (Mainly for additional styling/scripting purposes)
  • class
    The class attribute specifies a class name for an HTML element.
    (Mainly for additional styling/scripting purposes)
  • size
    Available Options:
    • small
    • medium
    • big
  • text_color
    Text Color
  • bg_color
    Background Color
  • start
    Initial value
  • stop
    Final value
  • icon
    Available Options:
    All icons available on Font Awesome site
  • prefix
    Put some value before
  • suffix
    Put some value after